Do these look familiar to you?

With these challenges, you are losing Time, Money and Sleep!

Worse, you may not have realized it. If so, YOU are not unique. We can help you...

Our Mission is simple: To improve your Business Health with the RIGHT solutions
How do we do it: Our "integrative", "affordable", "easy-to-use" solutions give you Business integration beyond SILOs, Alignment & Governance, Balenced Portfolios, Analytics & Reporting for Decision-Enablement and Learning.
What do you get: A single solution for a sustainable journey to Agile, Digital Transformation, OpEx Reduction, Better & Growing Digital Skills for Management, Alignment, Governance, Decision-Making

What does VxO Digital provide

Our flagship Platform, VxDCCR helps defines, integrate and operationalize “Gold Standards” for Management, Process Flows, Portfolios and Monitoring across Business Engagements. Developed over two decades of research, it covers wide-range of business / delivery models and widely accepted processes with customization flexibility.

VxDCCR connects your Sales, Programs, Operations SCM, HR on the same “deal” cycle and “data bus” in alignment to Company Goals. It provides full lifecycle coverage, cost & profitability, wide-range of customized templates, embedded analytics, "clear scope and requirements", process-flows, and monitoring.

  • Your staff take less time for bids, program / project charters, plans.
  • You get more on-time delivered milestones, better quality of Deliverables
  • You get fewer escalations
  • You have fewer “inter-functional” skirmishes (e.g., sales and delivery, delivery and procurement). We blend all these perspectives.
  • You have a better line of sight on business, functional, individual goals.
  • You save on additional budgets – and headaches – for integrating and interpreting analytics

Net, net - you have fewer surprises. Better Efficiencies, Better Morale and Better Margins, more aligned portfolios, more balanced growth…Centered on VxDCC - and in partnership with top global consulting partners - VxO Digital is one of the very few players to offer a complete Business Management solution.

Write to us! You won’t be disappointed.

PMOs are NOT just WBS or Gantt

Integrated PMOs –

  • Cover Program Management (PgM), Portfolio Management (PfM)
  • Provide integrated Sales Force Automation / CRM, Human Capital Management, Business Goals / Plans, Procurement, QA/QC on the functional side.
  • Are simplified / reinvigorated with SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)
  • Demand executive sponsorship / leadership commitment.
  • Strongly impact Governance (internal/external, escalations, risks, audits) and Alignment to Goals.
  • Include analytics at the specific role-needs of a company.

Outsource your reporting needs

Our focus starts from YOUR PURPOSE…We get you reports and analytics from your data higher relevance.

We collect relevant data from different sources - internal and external - and provide you with the reports that you require as a service that is "technology-agnostic" and is "insight-driven". You are spared from maintaining a team of business analysts, and also from making sense of the large number of reports that you may be getting.

Software Product Development

We support our clients intensely on business requirements analysis, market white space analyses, competition analysis, stakeholder analysis, implementation services, evolving the product roadmap jointly. Clients have a team that thinks of the project not just as software but as a product solving a business need which may change from time to time.

Our Portfolio


Our "Integrated Business Management" platform providea lifecycle-based approach to deals, programs, projects, initiatives, and benefits, and links the entire enterprise from strategy to execution. Our clients see astounding benefits in EBITDA, Utilizations, Capital Spend Allocations, and Data-driven Decision-Making because of integration, alignment and governance.

Management Consulting

We provides a basket of consultancy and service offerings to assess and improve answers to strategy & roadmaps, execution, process alignment and change management.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

"Relevant role-specific, correctly authored, timely and insightful information"These are the objectives of our KPO Services. We provide you with the reports that you require.

Niche IT Services

We offer outsourced product development, adaptive applications development, E-governance, Testing. We support our clients intensely on business requirements analysis.

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